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Flower Quilt #1


Well, it only took several months, but I finally finished the quilt for Bug. I was hoping to finish it prior to moving her into the big girl bed, but she really needed to get out of that crib. Thankfully, she was a champ and made the transition with a less than stellar blanket. A week later when I finished the quilt and placed it on her bed, the smile on her face made all the late nights worth it.

I brought the lovely border print around to the back of the quilt, it is such a little detail, but I love how it turned out.

The quilting pattern was a bit challenging at first (especially since I have never done it before), but after a while I was doing those loops and corners with ease. I love the flowers on the white blocks, even though they were a pain to sew and don’t show up without a closer look.

I found the pattern here, and feel in love with the Holly Holderman fabric, so it came out very similar. I have another flower quilt in the making for Peanut, but I don’t think it will get finished until after the holidays. Until then, she is happy using my old quilt.


Removing Shower Doors


I’ve been wanting to get rid of my ugly shower doors for a long time…I finally set aside a day and did it! Honestly, I was expecting it to be much worse than it really was, I finished everything in a few hours. Removing the doors and tracks were the simple part (disposing of them is another story). The time consuming part is scraping the caulk off of the tub and surround. Just grab a razor blade, put on some energizing music, and get to work!

Since I had the razor blade and the caulk out, I went ahead and re-caulked the tub so I didn’t have to do it later in the year. The biggest thing I was worried about were screw holes in tub. Thankfully, I found the three screws in the bottom track were not screwed into the tub. The other six holes on the surround I filled with caulk and was pleasantly surprised how well they blended in. After all the scraping, caulking, and a quick scrub of the tub, everything was looking good.

I picked up a $25 shower rod and dug out my old shower curtain and rings, and viola: so much better. No more getting into the tub just to clean those ugly doors!