Food Labeling


If you’re anything like me, labeling canned and frozen food normally doesn’t get done. After several months of sitting in the freezer or cabinet, I almost never remember when I made everything…and the debate of whether to eat it or toss it begins (if I can even identify it!). Having a cute label at hand solves that problem, plus everything looks so much more cheerful with a cute little tag!  Here are some helpful labels that I’ve found:

Retro Red Freezer Labels

Retro Red Jar Labels

Colorful Dots & Stripes Freezer Labels

Colorful Dots & Stripes Jar Labels

Colorful Jar Lid Labels

Green and Pink “Eat Me” Freezer Labels

Martha Stewart Freezer Labels

Or perhaps you need some labels for your pantry? Check these out, Cathe over at Just Something I Made has designed some lovely labels. And…you can customize them to fit into your color scheme, or even create one that isn’t on the list!

Canister Labels/Decals

She also has some wonderful circle labels that would be perfect for cans here.

Vintage Canister Labels 

Spice Jar Labels

Basic Stripe Spice Jar Labels

Lime and Blue Spice Jar Labels

Spice Jar Labels


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