Yogurt Parfaits


If you’re anything like me, breakfast is an afterthought (for me…the kids are a little higher up on the scale of importance). Grabbing something quick for breakfast normally means I’m eating over-processed, sugary junk. Yogurt is the perfect healthy option, of course after eating yogurt out of those little cups for a while, I’m bored. Solution? Yogurt Parfaits!!

   There isn’t any specific measurements for this, just add in the amounts you prefer. Start with some ripe fruit (berries, peaches, mangoes, bananas), slice it up and add some sugar if it isn’t sweet enough. Then layer on some granola, whatever brand you like. Next spoon some yogurt on top, I prefer a thick low-fat vanilla yogurt, but again you can use any flavor/brand. Layer your glass with the ingredients until it is full, then garnish with some lovely fruit. Yum!

   Impress some guests with this the next time someone comes to visit, make smaller parfaits for a lovely addition to brunch, or whip one up the night before for a healthy breakfast on the go (remember to place the granola on top so it doesn’t get soggy)!


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